photos by Myshele - please copy only with permission!

nicole, kristin, and their friend relaxing on the sidewalk

rose working on her fans for peace map banner

me and rockin' robin with our signs

kathy and one of her signs

Liv (aka ExtraPale) wearing the amazing shirt she drew

two more amazing artists with their signs

the line stretching out at about 3:00 am - and the girl behind us who was picked for the blonde section on the side (no joke)

sound check at 6:00 am

sound check at 6:00 am

more sound check (above and below)

me curled up between the barricade and the wall, waiting for the meet & greet (photo by Christina)

nicole, kristin, rose, and me during the show

shannon and (can't remember her name!) during the show

kathy, me, and zuzana after the meet & greet

for my full account of this day, click here!!

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