Goos on the Today Show, 7.25.03
by Myshele

When Rose and I arrived at Rockefeller Center at 11:30 pm, there were two people in sleeping bags on the sidewalk ahead of us - and that was it! Around midnight, a pair of blondes from Texas arrived and sat down next to us, but they weren't very friendly. At 12:30, Nicole, Kristin, and their friend arrived so we had someone to chat with, and people started trickling in pretty steadily after them. For the rest of the night, I was walking up and down the line, talking to people. It was really fun to meet a lot of people I know from the boards, and see all the cool stuff they brought! There were at least 30 Fans For Peace out there, and lots of them had great signs.... Everybody liked the collage I made for the boys and put their own autograph on it -- cause we all have pics and autographs of them, so they should have a few pics and autographs from their fans! There was also a crazy old bum with an electric guitar who went around entertaining or annoying people, depending on what mood you were in.

Many hours and many caffeinated beverages later, they started to let people in. We all thought that if we were early in the line, we'd have good spots near the stage. We were wrong. They stuck most of us in a pen about 50-60 feet away from the stage, behind the VIP section. The unfriendly blondes behind us got picked for a section on the side with a lot of other blonde girls.

Around 6:00, the Goos came out for a sound check, and when they saw our banner they waved at us with big smiles. It was really interesting to see them work, figuring out the sound settings and everything. At one point, Robby looked straight at me, pointed at himself with a huge grin on his face, and mouthed something to me. I think he was trying to tell me that he picked out What A Scene to make a political statement. Which was perfect, because I quoted What A Scene on the collage! At any rate, the VIPs hadn't arrived yet, so we got a clear view of the stage and were able to take some good photos. Miyoko was also running around, taking photos of the sound check. She is so beautiful! Robby's lucky to have her :-) On their way back into the building, both Robby and John flashed peace signs to us.

After awhile, the show started and they took a couple of crowd shots. The news was all about war, war, war. The photos of Saddam Hussein's sons, the Israeli occupation of Palestine, etc.... So I was proud to have my Fans For Peace banner out there. Around 8:00, the VIP section arrived with their little laminates and cups of coffee. I was so angry that they could show up and take a spot I'd waited all night to have. When the Goos came back out to play, a group of girls held up a huge vinyl sign, advertising some NBC station in Georgia, which blocked EVERYONE'S view. My entire section started screaming at them to put the sign down, but they didn't listen. I cussed them out six ways from Sunday and screamed at their teacher a bit, and they finally let us REAL fans have a view. So nice of them.

The Goos played Slide, and it was wonderful! The audience was pretty subdued, but a few of us were jumping around (Slide just has the perfect rhythm for jumping up and down!). They did a short interview (and John flashed a peace sign!), then played Sympathy..... Not so easy to jump to, but we kept our energy up :-) After they went in for a break, the anchors were going around talking to people in the VIP and blonde sections (not the real fans) and doing segments in various places around the crowd. We couldn't see them, but we could tell where they were from the screaming and sign-waving going on around them!

The Goos came back and played What A Scene, then signed some autographs for the VIPs. We skipped that to grab a taxi and high-tail it over to wait for the autograph session - hurry up and wait! The first hour wasn't too bad, but then it got unbearably hot for over an hour.... When they finally let us inside, it was completely rushed.... One item, no pics, etc. Screw that! I went over to the table and John said "you guys are awesome!" and Robby and Mike both agreed with him....I pulled out the next Fans For Peace Book Club book - A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn - and explained what it was while they signed it. John said "cool!" Then Robby gave me a hug over the table. He pointed at my necklace (a copy of one I gave him) and said, "I was meaning to tell you, I have one of those hanging in my bedroom." John said, "what's that? I want one!" So I said, "Okay! Mike, do you want one?" Mike looked really happy that I remembered him and said, "yeah!" Then I gave them the picture I took of them holding our Fans For Peace banner in DC, and Decaf Mike tried to take it away. But John pushed his hand off and started to sign it, just as I was pulling out my silver pen. Mike grabbed the silver pen and signed the picture, then John went over his black signature in silver, and Robby looked at the picture for a minute before he signed it too (though it didn't come out that great). Then I told them, "See you in Hartford! That'll be it for me, cause I have a job now." I told John, "Read the card I gave you - I'm a union organizer now! Thanks for getting me a job, man!" He looked completely thrilled, and shook my hand with a huge smile on his face! By that point, Decaf Mike was about ready to kill me, so I scooted outta there.

After chatting with some of our friends still in line outside and grabbing a quick coffee, we went back to the store to check out the scene. We went in the regular entrance and watched the boys for a little while..... They smiled and chatted with every single person, even though they were obviously exhausted..... That's why I love the Goos.... They treat every fan like they're their best friend! Then we got kicked out, and went to see where they'd come out when they were done. For awhile we stood outside the front doors, then someone (can't remember her name!) tipped us off that the store went all the way to the back of the building. So we went around the back, and sure enough there was a black van parked there with a few security guys. So we waited with the big pink banner spread out. The Goos came out with a crowd of people, and waved at us and flashed us peace signs as they rushed to their van. As the van pulled away, we could see Robby with his hand pressed against the tinted windows, watching us wave good-bye.

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