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“I’m in the Goo Goo Dolls all the time, I’ve been in it for 17 years, so I get my fill of rock. The reason we make rock music is we can’t find any of it we like.”

“Our only goal back then was just to play our songs and have a great time. Until Superstar began to get noticed, we didn’t really look toward the future or think about having any kind of real success as a band.”

“What is our musical style? I would have to say we are an American rock band.”

“On a tour day, the bus pulls into the hotel around 5 o’clock in the morning. Then, I drag my half-inebriated, half-sleeping corpse to the room.”

“Me. No, Johnny.… No, me.… No, Johnny, but he would say me.”
in answer to, “who is the messiest goo?”

“Remember to smile every day, no matter what.”

“Unless you’re psychotic, life entails more than being in a rock band.”

“We were watching the Stanley Cup Series on TV, Iris had just come out and they played our song while the players skated around with the cup.”
in answer to, “what was the moment you knew you’d achieved success?”

“You know for us, we decided a long time ago when the day comes that we finish writing an album and decide its not as good we want, we’ll know we have to hang it up. We’re our harshest critics. But we aren’t there yet.”

“One time, we were playing in Chicago and the crowds shook down the fences and came charging at us. The stage moved like 6 or 7 feet.”

“It’s people doing a stage dive and then pogo-ing off the top of their head, so we have to turn the lights on and stop the show until the ambulance gets there.”
on the dangerous things people do at shows

“People have learned not to hire the Hells Angels for security.”

“It’s like meeting the girl from high school you were in love with and finding you can barely get a syllable out.”
on talking to the rolling stones

“I think we got popular much to the surprise of many people, including our record label and everyone else involved. I think a lot of it was because we really didn’t know what we were doing. We were just sort of doing our thing. And, we still do that.”

“Am I getting screwed? Absolutely. But, hey man, it’s the way it is, right? Some things ain’t fair.”
on mp3s

“[MP3s and the ease with which you can burn CDs are] murdering the music industry, absolutely crucifying it, murdering it, wringing it out to dry. Do I think they deserve it? Absolutely. I think it’s been an unfair scenario forever. They charge too much for records. I will say this for myself: they generally treat their artists like shit. I mean, we are the last to get paid.”

“I’ve always been a bassist. I don’t know if I’ve always wanted to be one. ‘Bassist’ is such a weird word, because, it was so not about that! There were no kids to play bass in my neighborhood. There were no bassists. Most kids didn’t and I did, so that’s why I was in a lot of bands and the band leader.”

“I was into a lot of metal when I was a kid and I listened to Motley Crue, Iron Maiden and various other metal bands, but when I got a job at a progressive radio station, I learned to appreciate all types of music.”

“You know, we never claimed to be great players -- ever! We’re competent players, but not great. But, we’re good enough to deliver our songs and make people happy! We’re one of those few bands that still actually take a lot of time thinking about making a cool record. It’s important to us -- making it whole!”

“We didn’t say to ourselves, ‘okay, we’re going to become this kind of a band or make this kind of a record.’”

“Dizzy Up The Girl sounds nothing like the original band at all.”

“There’s a story behind every single song I write. I don’t like to talk about the meaning of my lyrics, because it makes me feel uncomfortable -- that’s why I write about them in a song.”

“For those of you that have been with us forever -- thank you for sticking with us! And for those of you that just jumped on board, I hope you stick with us for a long time, because we’re gearing up for a whole nother one! Thank you!”

“You know in the early days we sort of considered ourselves the Peaches and Herb of punk rock.”

“I think my kids are gonna look like bumblebees. I’m not sure why.”

“I’m still getting used to the toe socks. I think they’re funny. That’s why I wear them, but it’s a little weird having your toes separated.”

“Sugar, lemon juice, a ton of Belvedere vodka, lemonheads, and ice. Shake, shake shake. Shake your booty. Put it in a glass.”
how to make a Lemondrop Martini

“I don’t make much differentiation between meals. I could have tacos for breakfast. It’s fine. Ooh, actually, that sounds great!”

“I think we have enough people around us to remind us of who we are, that we have no choice but to be grounded at this point. We’re fairly sensible people and we know we’re not the Rolling Stones. We’re out here doing our thing and we’re really lucky to be able to do it. I guess 10 years of people not wanting to talk to you, or not wanting to come see your band, when it happens, makes it seem really cool.”

The fact that we rearranged and painted her house was secondary to the fact that we were in it.”
on VH1's Rock the House

“We’re pretty easy to work with. A long time ago, we learned it’s all about how you deal with a situation.”

“We try to make thick music that has a vivid air about it.”

“We had a fairly unique episode. It was one of the very first ones where people went, ‘Wait a minute. It’s over? You’re kidding me. Nobody’s dead. They’re still gonna still make records. I’m confused.’”
on VH1's Behind the Music

“Rather than doing what most people seem to do in those, and taking a lot of innocent people who probably don’t need their names dragged through the dirt, we decided to focus on music; decided to focus on what made the band what it was, as opposed to my friend’s drug problem.”
on VH1's Behind the Music

I’m hearing an awful lot of bands that sound like the MC5 on the radio right now, absolutely. I don’t necessarily buy into the retro thing like a lot of folk do. When I hear [garage rock] pop up again, I’m excited to hear rock on the radio. But at the same time, I wish it didn’t just sound like the MC5. I wish there was an element there that made it unique to this era.”

“There’s no bigger thrill than finishing a thought in your bathtub one day, and then eight months later there’s some kid singing the same words back to you in Australia.”

“When the leaves are changing, this is one of the most beautiful places in the world.”
on Western New York

“A girl sent us plane tickets to fly out to Hawaii and meet her. What would you do if someone sends you three thousand dollars worth of plane tickets? There has to be something wrong with them.”

“We basically turn in our record and [the label] does the rest. A shoe maker is not always the best shoe salesman, you know?”

Now we’re from New York, not too far from here, and we know how cold it gets. So you can throw as many bras as you like up here, but you *go* with a girl -- and you *stay* with a girl -- who throws a scarf up on stage!”

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