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"We could put a smile on a Q-Tip."
about what actor should play Mike in a movie.

"I'd like to be the king of all cartoon characters, Bugs Bunny."

"I really really really hope my cat remembers me when I get home. Nothing would be worse than my cat looking at me going, “Who’s this guy?” "

"I really think that people should pay really really close attention to what the government’s doing with the rest of the world. Um… I think it’s everyone’s duty to pay attention to the reactions of others to the steps out government’s taking. I think our foreign policy’s pretty messed up. I think people need to get involved in the process of choosing people who will fix this problem."

"The President is pushing for a war, and if he gets it, the world is gonna end. We need to do something. If you all write letters, or something, we can save the world."

"In general, it's just keeping in touch, man, talking every day. Don't let a day go by that there's not some sort of contact. It's really easy to lose touch with someone's mindset, so you have to be careful about that."
on maintaining relationships while on the road

"For me, the part that I like the most is being out playing music for people.... To have them (the fans) sing the words back to you that you wrote when you were by yourself in your bedroom - I don't know - it's something that I really enjoy, and I'm glad that I get to do."

I really don't live [the rock star lifestyle] to begin with. I wake up, work in the studio, hang out with my wife. I don't go to clubs or big, fabulous parties. I think it's better to live a life that you can live if you're not 'famous' or notable, because one day that's gonna happen because that's the way life works. There's a lot of miserable people that have gone on to live miserable lives because they've felt as though they've lost this part of their life without that notoriety they once had. That's a really dangerous trap, and it's best to stay away from."

"We go out and we work. That's what my father did and John's father did — they worked for a living. We do that."

"If you put every little bit of your being into being in the band, it gets to be too much. You need to keep (the band) in proper perspective in your lifescope."

“God, sometimes it seems like a long way away from where we are now. It just seems a distant memory. The band in 1986 seems a different notion from what we do now.”

“We did our normal routine of bashing our heads against the wall for a while until we came up with some stuff that we thought was solid enough to record.”

“I think every single one of those things ends in some kind of fiery car crash or drug overdose except ours. So I think we came out OK.”
on VH1's Behind the Music

“The thing that’s always the same is that when we go out there, we give everything we’ve got.”

"The way our situation works with our label, we don't turn in demos like most bands do. We just sort of deliver our record, and they listen to it and go, 'OK, here's the singles,' and we go 'Great, let's go."'

"I think the thing we came away with the most from [eoac] was that there were electric guitars all over those records. When we made [gutterflower], we really wanted to make sure it was biting enough and that we wouldn't come back later and feel a lot of the life was really ripped out of the record."

"I don't think we write much fiction. Most of what we see and hear and live through sort of makes its way onto the records. Musically, we were trying to search for that thing that we think we sound like, as opposed to what a mixer or someone else thinks we should sound like."

"I don't think we've ever written music for anyone in particular, but it sort of freaks you to see where it ends up sometimes."

"Do I like being home? I'm not going to lie. Yeah, I do. Do I like having club sandwiches every day because there's nothing else to eat at the Radisson, or wherever I'm at? No, I don't like that. Do I like when my wife falls down the stairs and twists her ankle, that I have to call a friend of mine to drive her to the hospital? No, I don't like that. But, on the other hand, I get to go out for an hour and a half every day and live my dream. Most people don't get to do that, I'm really thankful every day that I do get to do this. It's been a long time coming for us, and it just amazes me that it's still going. It really does."

"I couldn't retire because I would go crazy, man. I would be bored outta my mind!"

" I wanna be Billy Idol. That's who I wanna be."

"We tell them to make the lights go into the audience, when they do our light shows, because we like to watch the audience. It's cool to be able to interact like that."

"I thought, wow, those old guys are still playin' rock. I hope somebody will say that about me someday!"
on the Grateful Dead

"It made me feel like I might be able to have a career again someday."
on the song, Funky Colmedina (sp?)

"I don't know who told you that! Playing live is definitely not better than sex."

"In my world, this isn't silly string, my friends. This is just string."

"I know, what kind of rock star excuse is that, right?"
on shopping for luggage

"There are certain songs we need to do, and certain songs we like to do, and then there are songs we try to squeeze in if we have time. After all these years, there's not much room left, so I try to spread it out enough so you get a taste of everything."
on writing the setlist

"Music is pretty stale right now and there's a whole world out there waiting for something to happen."

"Our fans are really great, even the ones who throw Pez at me. John doesn't get mad about it because our fans have pretty good aim. We've been standing in the same spots for the past 15 years. They know who to throw them at."

"I have a dream of opening a Pez store one day. I'd like to move to a warm spot, kick back with my computer, write some songs and talk about Pez...."

"I don't drink much anymore. I've been living smarter. I just stopped being a ding-dong and realized that I'm 38 years old now and have a certain responsibility that I owe to myself if I want to be around for a while."

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