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Song Info
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Out of Sight
The person screaming at the beginning of Jed is Artie Kwitchoff, the Goos' manager, doing his best impression of Yoko Ono.

January Friend
While on a month-long vacation in Hawaii, Robby met a girl who liked to watch porn movies, but refused to touch him. The result was a very weird situation and a great surfing song!

Extra Pale
Arose from a tumultuous time in Robby's life, after getting divorced and moving back to Buffalo with his new girlfriend. According to Robby, "it was written in a bar on the back of a cocktail napkin. The phrase comes from the beer tap of Rolling Rock beer. The term 'Extra Pale' seemed to relate a lot at that time to my life."

You Never Know
"I was living back in Buffalo for a while, and
this song's about some of the creepy folks back there. I just got married [last] August, and I feel pretty grounded. I'm just kicking myself for a lot of stupid stuff that I've done over the last couple of years prior to the semi-clarity I have now."

Up, Up, Up
"It's about looking back and seeing how differently things look when you get into a place where you can look at things correctly."

"I ran into a friend of mine in Buffalo who had been getting the shit kicked out of her for as long as I'd known her. She'd had a baby, and even though her life seemed absolutely fucked still, the second she talked about that, it was like everything else went away."

Tucked Away
"I'd gotten out of the most shitty, bad relationship in my life, and I was amazed at how one phone call can erase every single fucking bad thing that had happened. All you want to do is start talking to the person again, and this is about the realization that that was absolutely the wrong thing to do."

Robby's Tattoos

Locations: right calf, left calf, right wrist, left wrist, right forearm, back of the neck.

The mystery tattoo on Robby's forearm: if you look closely, there seems to be a face in the swirls....

I did some digging and found images of most of Robby's tattoos to post here, but the artist requested that I remove them. Even though I wasn't breaking any copyright laws by posting them with full credit and a link, taking them off was the polite thing to do. If you're really curious, you can dig them up for yourself at

In Case You Were Wondering
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As of August 2003, Robby has over 1400 Pez dispensers.

If he could be any cartoon character, Robby would be Bugs Bunny.

Robby thinks Tom Sellek should play him in a movie about his life.

The title of Robby's autobiography would be "Huh?"

Robby's favorite quote is "I'm a bug!" from the movie Stripes.

The Goo Goo Dolls call their roadies pirates.

Robby writes the setlists for all the shows.

If you added together the total air time of DUTG songs and the Goos' other singles in November 1999, their music had has been playing on radio for well over seven straight years in the United States alone.

For secret shows, the Goos have been called the Suicide Doors, Freedom Rock, and the Jack Ruby Tuesdays.

What's in Robby's living room?
"All I've got in my living room is about 900 pez dispensers and a TV."

First record Robby ever owned?
"I owned 'Rubber Duckie' and other stuff like that, but the first one I recall going on my own and buying was 'Through the Past Darkly,' a Rolling Stones greatest hits. I've bought it 23 times since."

First concert Robby ever saw?
"Same thing, Rolling Stones, in 1974 at Rich Stadium in Buffalo. Soon after that, I saw Todd Rundgren on a toboggan hill in eastern New York. You know how in Florida they'll have concerts on beaches? In Buffalo, we have summer concerts on toboggan hills. I saw Todd and about 12 local bands when I was like 7 and I remember standing there going, 'Okay, this is wild.' It was chock full of hippies and you're a kid going 'What the hell is this?' I loved every minute of it."

Weirdest outfits worn to gigs?
Pajamas at a lunchtime gig in Buffalo, a Pez dispenser costume for a Halloween show, women's clothing on Leno.

What would Robby like to be reincarnated as?
"If I could be anybody? I'd wanna be a house cat. Because then you
can hang out and nobody bothers you."

Pranks and Fights
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The Goos played a practical joke on Artie Kwitchoff and called him up saying that they were going to break up because they got into a fight. They taped his reaction and put it on the album at the end of the song "Artie."

Robby and John's longest fight lasted for 26 hours, and it took place in a stairwell in Paris drinking cheap wine.

While at a party thrown by David Lee Roth, Robby and Johnny tried to steal a saddle from Roth's house. They were caught by security, but they tried to play it off by saying they weren't going to steal it, they were just going to ride each other around the parking lot.

In Music in High Places: Live in Alaska, the Goos had their tour manager, Dave, act like an old man when he played the harmonica solo in Broadway. They called him "Otis Midnight," and fans have been wondering ever since who the mysterious Otis is.