These quotes come out of everything from Rolling Stone to the Christian Music Monitor. There are even a few less-than-adoring comments that I threw in because they were so ridiculous. The sources for all the quotes are here.

"Though the Dolls' bassist, Robby Takac, also sported the barefoot look, it never prevented his movement about stage, as he ran from one end to the next, smiling every inch of the way. That might explain why the Goo Goo Dolls still draw a crowd after 13 years of performing."

"January Friend" had bassist Robby Takac chop the crunchy chords down like a hungry lumberjack finishing off the last giant redwood knowing that mama's flapjacks are waiting on the table.

Everybody was entranced in songs Robby led like "You Never Know," "Tucked Away," and "Smash." His fast fingers combined with his sandpaper voice and obvious love of playing made for an electrifying performance.

There was not one single person in the 2500 seat theater who was not completely intoxicated with the sights and sounds at that moment.

Takac never seemed to stop smiling even as he was running all over the stage with Rzeznik and when he was singing lead. He even brushed his hair off of his face a few times and revealed that his eyes have as much spark and wail as his bass playing.

Although not nearly as poppy, Takac's songs are equally important, because they keep the old feel alive. While one sails uncharted waters, the other holds the boat's anchor.

Takac.... with entertainingly manic energy and the perfect rock star smirk, was called upon to sing a pair of quick tunes every so often, songs that had a disquieting flavour of '80s bubblegum rock.

....lead singer Johnny Rzeznik and his faithful sidekick, the leprechaun-like bassist Robby Takac. Never mind the band - who named the band members?

He's a self-proclaimed 'go with the flow' kind of guy. An adventurer with an infectious laugh and a weakness for cartoons. He's also honest, appreciative, deeply rooted to terra firma. And in his spare time, he happens to be a rock star.

And a leader he is! With passion in his heart and determination motivating his bare feet, Robby held tight to his aspirations of someday assimilating his childhood idols.

Following, we find another tune by John's partner in "goo" titled "Up, Up, Up" which offers a cautious ray of optimism rolling in on the heels of Rzeznik's protest march. Consider it a little burst of oxygen before John slows the pace.... I dig this tune with two shovels and urge that it be planted within your memory.

"Up, Up, Up" -- a live-wire romp written and sung by the raspy-voiced Takac - sounds like Harvey Weinstein fronting Husker Du.

Robbie Takac is the forever japester, the goofy guy who loves ya (thus "Laughing") when he isn't laughing his ass off at the weirdness of the world and recording jokey punk rock rips like "Out of the Red" which Sebadoh could never come close to making feel as fun.

The band was as energetic and charismatic as ever. The brotherly love and mutual admiration between Rzeznik and Takac is palpable. Anyone watching them can see 3 men who love what they do, and want to give their all to the fans.

And happily, bassist Robby Takac – who wrote all the really cool Goo Goo Doll songs in the band’s early years, when their records rocked but didn’t sell – gets four cuts of his own here, showcasing his grittier vocals and more rocking song style.

The constant smile that never left bassist Robby Takac's face the entire evening made me feel like they were in the audience the night before and tomorrow night I could be the rock star onstage. It was like osmosis, but instead of water, it was The Goo's energy and damn good time that the audience absorbed.

He delivers "January Friend" and "Full Forever" with typical gusto in his nasal, everyman's barroom voice which is the perfect complement to John's clear, full and passionate vocals.

As vocalist and writer of four tracks here, he supplies the mosh-pit friendly stompers upon which their earlier reputation was based. Raucous, hapless, hopelessly cheerful, they fit well with his scratchy voice, all rasp and stomp. In any other band, Takac would be the heart and core, his jubilant, silly rock songs being way beyond competent and well up in the realms of damn good fun.

In the pairing of Rzeznik and Takac is one of the great song-writing combos of the decade.

The band never looked happier then when playing an obscure tune and to see Takac sing a few times was worth the price of admission in itself.

Rzeznik's breathy voice echoes seriousness and sincerity while Robby Takac's backing vocals act like the devil on his shoulder.

Bassist Robby Takac writes the blistering pop-punk songs with an in your face attitude, which he also sings with the same attitude.

Right behind him is his once-portly foil, bassist-singer Robby Takac, who's now a compact gremlin, still getting his punk on with favorites such as "Hold Me Up."

It is important to note that, as opposed to a lot of bands that have one person handle all of the singing, the Goo Goos have the luxury of Robby Takac, who sang (barefooted might add) several great real heavy, driving numbers, the best of which were “January Friend” and 1993's (!) "Lucky Star".

Robby Takac, bassist and occasional vocalist for the Goo Goo Dolls has the kind of hoarse, gravelly voice that brings to mind images of a chain smoker, and a laugh that brings to mind Beavis and Butthead.

the cherubic Takac bounces around the stage like a pinball with hair.

Takac was a whirling dervish, gliding and turning under the lights.

Takac fronts on the fast, more punk-style numbers, wearing the shit-eating grin of a guy who can’t believe his bar band is playing the Palace.

if Rzeznik is the heart of the group, Takac is the punky spirit of the band's past... You never get tired of hearing Takac's whomping bassline as he spits out the lyrics.

Takac never lost the smile from his face, giving everyone the impression that he was still happy to be playing music after all these years... Takac’s vocals add an edgier, more eclectic feel, which plays well off of the melodic voice of Rzeznik. These two extremes compliment each other well and leave people wondering why Takac does not take a more active vocal role on some newer tracks.

The fact is just listening to him sing terrified me to no ends. Especially "Up Up Up", which completely needs not be added to the album, instead it abruptly destroyed whatever vibe that was established from the beginning, giving me a feeling of a bad radio commercial for crackers or some sort of edible snack.

A nice change of pace occurs when bassist Takac takes over the singing chores, as on "You Never Know" and "Smash." With an edgier tone... he nevertheless provides another voice and viewpoint for the anguished tales of love. On "Smash," with a chord progression and guitar work that harkens back to the new-wave pop of the mid-eighties, Takac's sneering vocals provide a bit of roughness on an otherwise smooth number... The chemistry between Rzeznik and Takac has produced some great pop songs with a rock edge in the past. And on this disc, the Goo Goo Dolls seem to have hit the pop gold mine, as no song on the album feels like filler.

They screamed for the good stuff (the hits and most of Takac's spotlight numbers), they screamed for the bad stuff (guitar tech problems through the first three numbers)... They also even screamed for the weird stuff, like watching the wounded Takac (who plays Igor to Rzeznick's Doctor Frankenstar) rolling around the stage on an office chair.

Takac's songs don't always make the most sense, but perhaps they are meant to be interpreted individually by those who dare to really listen. Whether you understand the rhyme or reason, the songs are capable of lifting up the soul... His lyrics are the fun, silly and crazy lyrics that can always cheer you up.

On a sad note, Takac seems to have given up on his trademark bare feet, a Goo Goo tradition, and upgraded to socks. Thankfully, he still pogos and prowls across the stage like the happiest bass player in rock, doing more knock-kneed scissor kicks than anyone since . . . well, than anyone.