Princeton Show, 11.8.02
By Kristin

My day started off with me having to go to school, so I got up as a normal day and went to school. I had an early dismissal at 11:30 so we could leave for the concert. My sister came and picked me up from school and off we went, headed for Princeton, NJ. We got there at about 1:00 in the afternoon, and we were the first ones there. There was literally no one there except for the people setting up the concert and students just walking around campus. It was a students-only event but students could bring a guest in so we had to find two students who would bring us in with them. My sister and I sat there all day in the freezing cold with nothing to eat waiting for the concert to start. We talked to a lot of people who had worked there and all that who were very nice to us during the day. At 5 o'clock two more people finally came. They were actually fans... Not just We talked with them and stuff untill it was time for the doors to open. The people that worked at the university were not very friendly people... I found them kinda of snobby.

The doors finally opened and me and my sister being first in line, ran to the front of the stage and picked our spot in front row right in front of Robby. We were the first people up the barricade. Everybody else slowly came in behind us and it got crowded. The concert finally started. Lisa Loeb the opening act was great, she's so funny lol..... After she was done it was finally time for the Goo Goo Dolls to come out. Mike their bodygaurd came out and was talking to us cuz he knows us from the other shows. The show finally started the red curtain fell and the started playing. The concert was great. We had a few interactions with Robby since we were noticably the biggest fans there, and were right in front of him. Students were crowd surfing and Johnny and Robby thought it was hilarious. Johnny kept laughing at the people while he was singing. The concert came to an end, finishing off with American Girl as they always do. After the concert was over we said goodbye to Mike (bodygaurd) and then the guys that worked on the stage came up to us and told us how they saw us singing everyword to every song and that u could tell we were the biggest fans there. The guy gave me Robby's Set List and we left. We went outside quickly and went and waited by their bus. Mike (bodygaurd) came out and said that we could all meet him if we got in one line single file and had one thing out to sign. He had said no pictures. He brought the Goos out and they started at the begining of the line. We were kinda in the middle but the middle closer to the beginging lol.....Mike got to us first, he signed my set list, then right after Robby came to us. When Robby came up to us Mike (bodygaurd) said to him "Robby these are your biggest fans, they come to a lot of shows" and Robby like came at me and my sister and gave us at the same time the biggest hug in the whole entire world. He squeezes so tight lol...... While he was hugging us he whispered "thanks for singing all my songs" and then Mike (bodygaurd) let us get a picture with him because he knows how big of fans we are and knew that it was our first time getting to meet them. Robby went on and then Johnny came. When Johnny came up to us he like Mike and Robby signed my set list and then I asked him for a picture, and Mike let us..... Johnny said to me "I'm not supposed to but sure why not" and then we got one and then while my sister was getting her pic with Johnny I couldn't see out of the lense and I was like, "hold on I can't see," and Johnny was like, "well then open your eyes." He was making fun of me lol. And then Johnny went on and my sister was crying and I was about to, holding it in...... And we watched them sign everyone else's stuff and then watched the tour bus drive away.

In total shock of meeting them me and my sister tried to find out way to the car and find our way home. I'm surprised we made it home alive, we were in such shock. It was the best day of my life. The concert was great and I got to meet my favorite band ever. Peace n' Crack on!