Meeting the Goos in Poughkeepsie, Halloween 2002.....

After the show, I stuck with my new friends Rose, Sarina, Kim, and Charlene, and after getting water from our cars and donning our warm clothes again, I led our little group back to the stage doors which I had scoped out earlier in the day. There were a lot of other people there, and security told us to keep moving. We went across the street for awhile to sit on a nice warm little slope, but eventually we crossed the street again and just waited on the sidewalk. The head of security got a lot of the crowds to leave, and for awhile we five were the only fans left. But as it got later, some more people showed up to wait. It was freezing! But we waited, and waited, and waited, and had a very nice conversation meanwhile....

Eventually the trucks started pulling out. At one point, a truck pulled right in front of the bus, and we thought the band was going to rush onto the bus behind it, but I watched underneath and saw no feet. :-) Eventually, Mike came out and started signing stuff and taking pictures and talking to people. He's really cool. And tall! He signed my DUTG sleeve for me, and I gave him a big hug and told him he's really amazing. He seemed a little embarassed :-)

More waiting. FINALLY, Robby and John came out! John started at the other end of the line, and Robby had a conversation with the next little group about male genitalia, which I'll spare you the details of. He was very drunk, but I was too excited to care. When he came up to me, suddenly the rest of the world just vanished. The first thing I asked was, "have you seen my website? heavenlyintoxication?"

"Holy shit! that's you?!"

I nodded with a huge smile. "That's me!"

"That is awesome! God bless you."

He held up his hand to give me a high five, and our fingers linked together and he held my hand for a minute, then gave me a wonderful long hug. Then I asked, "did you see the birthday card? Robbie's Pub?" -- and he had! He said it was really cool, and thanked me and all the people who signed it.

Then he said, "you've been doing this a long time, haven't you?"


"The website."

"No, just two months."

His eyes bugged out and I continued, "I got dreamweaver this summer and taught myself."

"Damn, girl, you're really good!"

The guard reminded me to give him something to sign. I gave him my first release cover, and he started drawing this little cartoon around the middle O in Goo Goo Dolls. While he was signing it, I asked about the sticker I'd put in the card for him (it said STOP THE WAR) and he started into a tirade about how Bush is trying to start a war, and if he starts this war, the world is gonna end, and we all need to write letters or do something to stop him. After he ranted for awhile, the guard stepped in again and I gave him my camera. Robby grabbed the first release cover and held it up, and said, "hey, wait a minute." He flashed a peace sign, and said, "will you do this for me? Cause we gotta do somethin' about this, man."

So I held up a peace sign too, and the guard took the picture, and Robby moved on to the next person. A little later, someone asked him about the people at Foxwoods, and he went into another tirade about how they're all assholes and it's all about money and money is evil. He went on to draw a money sign on his forehead (backwards, but otherwise very good). I tried to get a picture of it, but so many people were crowding in, I couldn't. Then John was standing in front of me, and I was like, "oh, it's you" and I flipped through all my cd sleeves to find one for him to sign, and I gave him Hold Me Up, and he signed it and waited. So I gave him another one. And another one. And he didn't go away, so I just gave him all of them to sign, what the hell. But then I felt really bad, because I really wanted Robby to sign all my covers, too! But it was okay, I got to talk to him and hug him and hear what he thought of the site! It was incredible!

The next night at Foxwoods, Robby was wearing my socks!

my photos from Poughkeepsie