philadelphia, pa 3.7.03
by kristin
please copy only with permission!

Me and my sister got to the First Union Center at like 2.30 and we went to the entrance to where the buses go in and we were talkin to that guy and asked if they were there yet. They were, so we waited there and then finally at like 4.30 the goo goo dolls bus was pulling up...... Mike (bodygaurd) was in the front area of the bus and saw us and waved to us. We walked down to watch them get out of the bus and Johnny came out first with a girl and walked in, then Mike came out with a girl holding hands, then Robby came out with Miyoko..... She is so tiny! LOL Anyway, Johnny and Robby waved when they walked under the thing we were standing on.

We went to the box office to see if we could trade our tickets for better, but we couldn't. We went back and Robby walked out to the bus with Miyoko, then when they came out he waved. We waited for the doors to open.... It was forever and it was freezeing. The doors opened at 6.30, and finally we went in. Of course we were not gonna go to our seats, we were getting front row. So we waited in like row 4 untill Mike came out. When he came up he said he would try and get us up. At 7.30 the show started so we hopped the chairs to the front row and then when the ticket guy came around mike let us stay and the show was awesome... Same set list tho, but its cool.

At one point in the show Robby through a pick out my way but it kinda went to the person next to me's spot and I stuck my hand out and it just landed in my hand LOL. Right before Sympathy me and my sister threw pez dispensers to Robby.... He was sitting and he caught them with his feet LOL..... And some lady gave Johnny flowers and this other girl was wearing a tiara and Johnny put on the tiara and had the flowers and he was like, "I'm Miss Philadelphia!" LOL it was funny and then they finished with Iris and they walked off the stage.... THEY WERE AWESOME..... Then we had to go back to our sec 4 seats cuz of the stupid guards, and then Bon Jovi came out and he was really good too! And then the show ended and we went home.....IT WAS SUCH A GREAT NITE!