new brunswick, nj 11.13.02
by kristin
please copy only with permission!

Well i went to school that day as a normal day and since the show wasn't General admission and my sister and i both had school .....we went to the show later.....We had bought tickets from a broker so we were all worried we wern't gonna get our tickets.....our tickets were supposed to be any of the first ten rows they weren't we got to the concert like 15 minutes before it started because we were late lol.....and we got our tickets and they were row 13 ...and we were pissed lol.....well Lisa Loeb perfomed, she took requests and wat not from the audience and played watever they wanted.... and my sister and I were keepin an eye out for two seats closer up that were being used......We spotted to Front Row seats and after Lisa Loeb came out we walked up to them as if they were ours and sat right down. we waited anciously for them to come out yet nervous that someone would come for their seats but they didn't......There was no baracade at this show. Mike (bodygaurd guy) came out and was talkin to us and stuff since he knew us from other shows.....then Goo Goo Dolls came out.. They were awesome......My Sister our friend and I had a bunch of eye contacts with Robby and Smiles and interactions with himsince we were like right in front of him......They were like right there. The stage was like up to my waste it wasn't high at all. It was such a great concert. They Played their normal set list...but they also played Just the Way u Are........omg it was awesome!!!!! Afterwards, my sister our friend and I went out back behind state theater and waited by the busses with a bunch of other fans to get to meet them again......We were Frost bitten.......It was so freakin cold out....Ne way Mike came out first and he signed out stuff and i gave him a one of the three bracelets i had made for each of them....then robby came out and he came and signed my picture of him and i and then i gave him the bracelet i made for him and he was like "ya know wat im gonna wear it" and then he couldn't get it on and he was like "i dont think its gonna fit" and he wouldn't listen to me that he had to unhook the ne way.......and he gave me a huge hug and whispered in my ear.."God Bless You Kiddo" .....then he moved on....then Johnny came out....and he signed my picture i had of me and him...and he had a pimple on his chin in it and he was like " aw look at that zit" and he scribble over the zit lol and then he gave me a big hug.......As they went on signing other peoples things....My sister and I watched Robby and how he interacted with all the people and watched them both signing and talking....then me and my sister headed to the car after beign frozen to dead......and made our way on our hour and hald drive home.....and that was my nite....