Hartford, CT 8.4.03

I met my friend Jaymeson at the Meadows around 7:00, and there were hardly any people inside. We had tickets far off to one side, but managed to sneak into seats on the aisle of the 9th row. I spotted Damage tuning some of John's guitars, and gave him the bag of presents for the Goos. Just before the show, I saw him handing it off to Andy (another roadie), fingers crossed it actually got to the guys.

When the lights went down, Jaymeson and I darted over into the center section. As the show went on and more people arrived, we got pushed more towards the center, so it worked out really well!!

I can't remember the setlist, but it was all from DUTG and Gutterflower, plus Name. It was a rockin' show, of course! The crowd wasn't too active, so Jaymeson and I jumped up and down a LOT to encourage the guys. They seemed exhausted and worn out, but still put on a great show. They saw the famous pink banner and pointed at it a few times with big smiles, and Robby flashed plenty pf peace signs. It looked especially cool during Iris because the hot pink glowed in the blacklights! I also had glowsticks that I was rockin' out with, and Robby laughed when he noticed I was mimicking his shaker motions during Sympathy - and knew where the pauses were!!

So after the show, we went out to wait by the patio fence, and caught a glimpse of Robby coming out. We waited around there for awhile, singing Goo tunes off-key and entertaining ourselves, then had it from good sources that the guys had left. So we started out to the parking lot. Halfway across the parking lot to our cars, we saw the big beige tour bus pulling out! We tried not to look too insane chasing it.... Robby poked his head out the window and said he really had to leave super fast, but thanked us for coming and said it's awesome what we're doing with Fans For Peace. He stuck his arm out the window and handed me a water bottle, I guess I looked thirsty!!

After his bus left, we stood around in the parking lot for a little while longer, then went to drive around Hartford. We spotted their busses outside the Goodwin hotel, and despite a lot of standing around near the hotel, we didn't end up talking to them. It was sort of a case of, "well, I don't want to invade their privacy, but how can I leave when I know they're right there?? At any rate, it was a fun evening and I got to meet a lot of cool goo fans, and some cool Fans for Peace!! (sorry, I don't remember names!)

Pictures are posted here!