Hampton Beach 8.25.03

The opening band was amazing, the crowd was pumped, the guys were having a FANTASTIC time, all smiles, sounded amazing...... I was on the rail in front of Robby with some amazing girls, had a WONDERFUL time! Some old stuff on the setlist - We Are the Normal, Burnin' Up, Naked..... Absoulutely amazing!!

I threw a pair of flourescent green panties on the stage that said "the only Bush I trust is my own" on one side, and a peace sign and "GFFP!" on the other...... John picked it up and saw the peace sign first, was confused for a sec, then said "oh! Goo Fans For Peace! Damn! You guys are everywhere, I swear! Thank you!" Then he finally turned them around and read the front and had a huge laugh, said "that's awesome! I love that!" and "now I have to find a politically progressive woman to wear them.... And she has to be a size small." Then, he put them down and said, "now remember, ladies, the only Bush you can trust is your own! Damn, that's cool." Meanwhile everybody else was laughing their ass off on stage!

Then AFTER the show, I ran into Greg and Jason, told them how much they rock, and got a pic with them flashin' peace signs About 200 people were waiting outside, and security Mike came out and told us ALL to line up, that the Goos would sign one thing each because we'd been such a great crowd. For 200 people!! While we were waiting, Security Mike came and teased me for a minute, saying the guys aren't really for peace at all, that they're all pro-war, and I said, "fantastic! As long as ya have an opinion, that's what's important. Apathy kills!" He agreed, but was kidding about the Goos (I knew). He was kinda laughing at our antics, and I realized he's a pretty cool guy, not the jerk I thought he was. He was probably a little less friendly on the BJ tour because..... Well..... It was the BJ tour. Anyway.

Eventually Robby got down to me, I gave him my Jed LP to sign and he loved it! He was showing it to the security guys, "see me laying on the floor there?! We were making some serious rock in that picture!" He signed it, then gave me a LONG wonderful hug...... That man is the best hugger in the world. And a kiss on the cheek!! I was in heaven!! He thanked me for coming out to so many shows, and said what we're doing with Fans For Peace is awesome. I told him this was my last show for a long time, and he said "it's almost our last show for a long time, too!"

Then John got down to me, signed my Jed LP (crossed out George's face!), and asked whose idea those panties were. I said, "mine!" and he shook his head and said they were great. Then he said "what you guys are doing is amazing, really, I love it." He gave me a quick hug, then I gave him my card and told him it's my union business card, and he suddenly remembered my whole union thing and got a huge grin on his face. I asked if he got my necklace last time, and he said no! So I have to get another one and send it to the office (lesson learned: never give anything to Damage to give the guys)

Mike didn't come out, but during the show I had a lot of eye contact with him, rockin' out behind those drums......

Pictures are posted here!