Washington, DC, 3.11.03.....
by Myshele

Arrived at the 9:30 Club around four in the afternoon and ran into some folks I knew.... We had a nice time chatting before the show and I was very happy to know there were some other people to hold my big, pink "Goo Goo Dolls Fans For Peace" banner with me! We watched all the swanky people going in for the Grammy Foundation and the Democratic National Convention, but just a little more waiting got us prime spots right in front of the stage! (right by Robby's mic, of course!) We had to endure the worst opening band EVER.... The band was pretty good but the singer was just awful. I made a little sign that said "the band rocks! lose the singer!" and held it up, which made them smile. Afterwards, they came to talk to us and gave me a CD of their other band to listen to.

Finally the Goos came on, and Kristin, Nicole, and I held up the banner for them to see. The look on their faces was priceless! After the first song, John leaned over and said, "hey, gimme that!" He grabbed the banner from us and he and Robby held it up, grinning,for all the politicians to see! John said something to the effect of, "isn't this great? these guys are doing some good work."

He gave us back the banner (I wasn't going to let them keep it! That banner's got lots more protests to go to!) and continued with the show, which was amazing! Lots of eye contact with Robby, and big smiles, and of course lots of peace signs from Robby AND John! At one point, Robby leaned over and said to us, "God bless you guys, really, I mean it." At another point, he leaned over, gave me a guitar pick, and squeezed my hand with a big grin on his face. A lot of people down front were rockin' out with their hands in peace signs, rather than rock signs! That has got to be one of the coolest things I've ever seen!

I had a little "Robby Rocks!" sign on a piece of notebook paper, which I held up a few times, getting even more smiles from Robby. During Sympathy, when he was just playing the shaker, he looked so sad.... So at the points where he stopped and looked up, I flashed him a peace sign to cheer him up. During Iris, when everyone was waving lighters around, I waved my "Robby Rocks!" sign.

After the show, I waited out with about a hundred other people. As the night got colder, a lot of them went home, but by the time Security Mike came out and told us all to line up, there were still about 50 people left. We went down to the end of the line, hoping to get an extra minute to talk to them. Miyoko rushed by on her way to the bus, and when she saw our banner she said "God bless you!," and gave us a whole stack of guitar picks!

I had a postcard I'd picked up during the Feb. 15th protests in NYC that said "I (crossed-out heart) WAR" which I wanted the Goos to sign. Greg walked by and started to get on the bus, when I shouted out his name and asked him to sign it. He seemed surprised that anyone would want his autograph! Next Mike walked by with some friends, and I had to call out to him, too, to get him to come over. Finally, Robby made his way down the line to us. He gave me a big hug and said, "Keep doing this, guys. You know why this is so cool? Because no other band has this! There are seal lovers for peace, and secretaries for peace, and taco bell fans for peace.... But no other band has what you guys are doing. And it's so awesome. Thank you so much, I mean it!" He signed the postcard, and there was some more political talk about how Bush wasn't elected. I mentioned the phrase "Resident Bush," which I've heard many times in the peace movement. Robby looked at me and said, "you are so smart!" and gave me another big hug.

He ran off onto the bus, and John came over. He gave me a big hug (my first Johnny hug) and said "this is so cool! I saw you guys on the news and shit!" He signed the postcard, then asked to sign the banner, which of course we were happy to oblige!

Pictures from the concert coming soon!
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