from: Deb - GooGoosGal -
Hey Robby... You ROCK!
Thanks for the Hug in Rockford, Can't wait til NYE in Vegas.
Have a GREAT Birthday!

from: Jaegar -
Happy birthday from the WOG board!!!
Thank you for all the energy you gave us this year on the tour. I managed to get to 6 shows this time around and you were awesome at each one.
good luck in the future and again, thank you.

from: Jennifer Allen -
First, thank you for the "thank you" package you sent me in the mail for the ladybug crystal pez I gave you at HOB in Hollywood.
Secondly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Here's a birthday song made especially for you:
Happy Birthday to you.... (cha cha cha)
To Robby the Goo.... (cha cha cha)
You are a rockin roll star....
It was great to meet you!
Hope you have a great day!
Love, Jennifer Allen
PS Robby - you ROCK!!!!!!

from: Joel -

Happy Barfday Robby ;)
Have a great Goo-Rock birthday! - It was great to see you in Australia for M-ONE! Thanks for your music! Hope to see you in Melbourne Australia sometime soon! - take care and keep it rockin'- Joelage (from WOG)

from: Laura (GooScene) -
Happy Birthday Robby!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your positive energy and smiles! You're the best!

from: Diane -
Much Love to you Robby on your BDay, May GOD always shine his blessings bright on you. Love and Peace, Diane Ele,

from: Jade -
Robby ~ I hope you have a great birthday, and that all your wishes come true. Your music inspires us all, and I wish you a very happy birthday. Lots of Peace and Love,


from: Kristyn -
Hey Robbster!!!,
Have a rockin' ass birthday this year. I hope you get everything you wish for and have an awesome year! Don't have TOO much fun ;)

from: Cindy -
Happy Birthday, Robby!!! Hope you have a wonderful day, and an awesome year :) Thank you so much for the music you create for us. We appreciate and love you more than you know.
Just saw you at Hampton Beach, total kick ass show! Best of luck with everything in your life :)
Love & Many Hugs,
Cindy [BitterPills] WOG BB Member :)

from: Shannon Armour -
Happy Birthday Robby,
Just wanted to thank you for all that you do for your fans! I was lucky enough to be on the GA to Buffalo this year, and had the privelege of meeting your parents, and they are wonderful, just like you. Thanks for never forgetting the fans, and for personally inspiring and touching my life. Happy Anniversary to you and Miyoko.
Happy Birthday!
Shannon Armour (Guttergirl on WOG)
**Thanks Myshele for hosting this virtual card**

from: Nicole Williams -
Hey man, I hope you have a wonderful b-day. And uhh.. take your vitamins because we want as many musical filled years with you as we can!

from: Jaime -
Hey Robby!! Happy Happy Birthday!! I wish you many more!!
Love ya lots,

from: Holly (Mindless on WOG) -
Robby, I hope you have a wonderful and exciting birthday. You deserve the best!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

from: Natalie -
Have a great birthday, man! And many more!

from: Becky Taclof -
HEY ROBBY! I hope you have the ROCKIN' birthday you deserve! We all love you and you know if I had your address you could expect a present! :) Have the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!
Much love,

from: Donna/Dances with Goo -
Happy Birthday, Robby! I hope you are enjoying your birthday, and resting up a bit after your marathon GGD tour. Thanks for being so good to your fans; you are one in a million! My fondest memory of the tour will always be the big ol' bear hug you gave to me & my daughter after the Hampton Beach concert...what a sweetheart you are!
Sending best wishes on your birthday and always!
Peace & love,
Donna Holland

from: Stephanie -
Robby! Have an awesome awesome birthday! You deserve to have a wonderful time. Thanks so much for all you do for your fans and just people in general. This past tour has been great and I'm so happy I got to see you guys a few times...especially at the Today Show and Best Buy! That was the absolute coolest day of my life! Have fun on yourt birthday and all your time off. Dont work too hard! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

from: Aaron -
Have a great birthday. I am the little boy who met you at Konocti while you were playing miniature golf with your wife. Thank you for being so nice to me. I am 6 and have been a fan since I was 15 months old. Your show was great. I had so much fun. Hope to see you again if you get around to the Northern California area. Thanks again and happy birthday.

from: amy -
Happy Birthday Robby!!! Hope you're getting some well-deserved rest!!!!!
See ya NYE!

from: Marianne -
Happy Birthday, Robby!!! You deserve an awesome day for all the hard rockin' you do on all of the other 364! I just saw you guys in VaBeach for the first time! I was blown away! It was an amazing show! YOU ROCK! Hope you have an exciting, happy, pez-lovin' year!
Lots of love,

from: Maria -
Wow, it's that time of year again! Hehe...well, just wanted to take this time to wish you a happy birthday. Wish I could be sharing a beer with you in celebration of your birthday, but hey, I'll drink one just for you! May all your dreams and wishes come true.
PS Thank you for the inspiration of my dreams! :-)

from: Keara Elderton -
Robby I hope your birthday rocks! Have a great birthday and enjoy yourself!!! PARTY!!!!
peace and love
Keara Elderton

from: Meagan (Dizzzzy) -
Shit! that reminded me of that god awful song by what's his face my little sister won't stop playing...Ok then how about some German drinking music?

Bier her, Bier her, oder ich fall um, juchhe!
Bier her, Bier her, oder ich fall um!
Soll das Bier im Keller liegen
Und ich hier die Ohnmacht kriegen?
Bier her, Bier her, oder ich fall um!

Wein her, Wein her, oder ich fall um, juchhe!
Wein her, Wein her, oder ich fall um!
Soll der Wein im Keller liegen
Und ich Rheumatismus kriegen?
Wein her, Wein her, oder ich fall um!

You learn a lot of drinking songs when your Dad's German and your mom's should see the family getogethers...oops! Got a little off track...Anyway, I just wanted to wish you a HAPPY F'IN BIRTHDAY and say thanks for the kick ass music you've been providin'!

And so, in the words of what's his face "Gansta" Man who sings the incredibly annoying "birthday" song...
Have a good one...

from: Kristen Garcia -
Happy Birthday Robby! I hope it's a great one! I can't wait to see you guys again on New Years Eve in Vegas!!! :D

from: Liz Furze -
*sings* Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Robby! Happy Birthday to you! *stops singing* That's the best I can give you in return for all the awesome mumusic you've given ME over the years! Thanks for everything, buddy. Good Luck with many many more birthdays sure to come! *lots of love, Liz*

from: Dell Pate -
Happy Birthday Robby!!!! hope you have many more to come! My birthday is today! the 7th! I just turned 19!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

from: Genesis -
Happy birthday, Robby! You rock my world, man, I love you!
Much Love...

from: Ashley -
Robby, you rock! Have an awesome birthday! Raise some hell and eat pez all day! Do whatever you want cuz you defiately deserve it!

from: Stephanie -
Happy Birthday!!! Robby I saw you at the Hard Rock in Atlanta, then the venue. Ya'll enjoy your time off!! Make lots of little goo babies in your spare time...

from: Beth -
Happy Birthday, Robby! Thank you for bringing such positive music and outstanding talent to our world. You are my inspiration to writing songs, and to go out there and never give up. I can't say thank you enough, god bless. May your day be filled with love. Happy Birthday, man.

from: Kim -
Robby-have a wonderful birthday!! We love you!! -Kim :)

from: Sherrie -
Hey Robby! I just wanted to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You deserve it! Thanks for just being the amazing person you are and for always putting a smile on my face...You're my lucky star...Love and happiness always...Sherrie

from: Angela DeFlaminis -
Hey Robby!! Happy birthday! Hope you have an awesome one. As always, thanks for putting out the music for us. I cant imagine my life without the GOOS. It was awesome meeting you after the Hampton Beach show. That show was kick @$$! Anyways, have an awesome birthday. We love you!

from: Ellie -
Robby, have a wonderful birthday and keep rockin' on for peace! Love, Ellie

from: Holli -
Hope you have a wonderful birthday! You rock!