from: Kristi VanEtten -
Happy Birthday Robby!! You're the best!

from: you -
hello carl hodges loves you

from: Jackie Reyes -
i hope you have a wonderful time on your birthday!I wish you could even come close to imagine of how much you mean to me.CRAK ON!I love you!
Jackie Reyes San Antonio Tx

from: Maria Cervino -

from: evan -
happy birthday robby!
have a great one!
love munkyfish

from: Mandy -
ROBBY!!!Happy bday, you're the best!Here's to another rockin year with lots of music (come back to Chicago!hehe), fun, and always changing hair colors!;-)
Thanks for being you-every day is always better when I listen to the goos. Take it easy, peace! -Mandy
ps-your smile is the biggest and best! :-D

from: Amy -
ahhh... after all these years and still rockin'. from smoky bars to your own stage, but still with the same touch of Robby-ness! keep it up, babe, and have a good one.

from: Stephanie -
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBBY!!! May all your wishes and dreams come true!
I just want to Thank You for such an awesome concert at the IA State Fair My sister in-law and I were in front row seat 7&8 right in front of you if you recall I was holding one sign and the other one said "Up Yours" Only thing that could have topped off that night would of been back stage passes which I tried to Win that morning but I was caller #1 and #4 and you had to be #7. We still get excited just talking about that concert and how much fun we had even to this day. THANKS ROBBY! & HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

from: sara klimek -
Dear Robby,
happy birthday!Have a fun time."crack on!"
Love sara and Jackie

from: Mandy -
Happy Birthday Robby!! thanks for all the great music and the kindness you show to all your fans, it means a great deal to everyone one of us. enough with the mushy stuff, do a little partying for those who can't! ;)

from: Babs -
Holy Cow man! Happy Happy Birthday Robby! :-D

from: Saz_Goo -
Happy Birthday, Robby! I hope you have an awesome day - you deserve it!! I wish you every happiness for the following year - keep smiling that lovely smile!!
love SAZ (UK fan)

from: Latebloomer -
Wishing you and yours all the best in the world. You rock dude. Period. Hope your birthday is what you want it to be. Take care, and keep rockin! We'll be not-so-patiently awaiting the new album!

from: Constance -
Happy Birthday wishes to you! And many more years of creating great music!
Thanks for all you do! Constance

from: Lisa Duszynski -
~* Robby *~
I hope your birthday is filled with Faith, Hope and lots of Love!
~* Lisa *~

from: Jackie R -
Dear Robby,
i just want to wish you a happy birthday!I love you you mean alot to have a wonderful time on your birthday
Love Jackie Reyes

from: Katie -
Happy Birthday! You rock!

from: Alison (slavegirl930) -
Hi robby,
Happy birthday man, your awesome. Just so happens we share the same birthday, how cool is that, I'm gonna be 23 sept. 30th. I also wanted to say, I am a proud member of Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity in New York, and I heard that you took the time out to talk to two of our members, who are both friends of mine, about service. I really admire that you took the time out to discuss service with our members, and it's also incrediably cool of you to be getting so involved with helping out local buffalo bands, while helping out charity as well. I was at your music is art festival and I really had a great time, Keep up the great work with your career and with any and all future projects you decide to take on. Have an awesome birthday man. Together we can change the world.
luv ya

from: Eileen -
Glad your home for your birthday, hope you have a great time. Am looking forward to the pics on your webiste. Last year's were a hoot!!! You have such a happy spirit, best wishes to you.

from: Becky -
You are the greatest. You are so friendly to your fans and we all love you for it. Hope you have the best birthday ever :)

from: Amanda Farrow -
happy bday robby!!! god bless you, and keepin' on rocking! \m/ \m/

from: Jen -
I hope you have an excellent birthday, Robby! Thanks so much for touring for the last 20 months, I hope you are relaxing and enjoying some well deserved time off! Happy 39th birthday Robby!

from: Shannon G. -
Yo Robby!!! Happy Birthday, man!!! Thanks for the music, and hope you have many more spectacular birthdays to come!!!

from: Marianne -
Wishes for a fabulous birthday, Robby!!! I loved meeting you in Pittsburgh, and I hope we'll see each other again soon. (don't forget to read the poem I wrote for you!!!) Love, Marianne

from: Carrie Matthews -
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Robby, happy birthday to you! Hi Robby, I hope you are having a great birthday and hope that you get some good presents. I heard that you are turning 39... well maybe I should give you some advice! When my dad turned 39 he stoped counting, so he has been 39 for like 11 years. So when people ask him how old he is he says that he is 39, then he adds I stoped counting before 40. Just thought you might think that was funny, you could use that too ya know! lol... have a great b-day Robby!
Love, Carrie

from: Toni -

from: Raedyn -
Wow you're 39 already?? I thought you were still 38!! oh well guess I had to be wrong someday lol!! Happy Birthday, Robby!!!!!

from: TriciaD -
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBBY!! Have a GREAT day and best wishes too!!! Love Ya, TriciaD

from: GooAddict_since02 -
Can't really expect you'll read my message, there's so many others, but I hope you have the happiest birthday yet, I only wish I could give more than that in return for every second of pure joy I've recieved from your music!

from: Katrina -
Have a wonderful birthday, with many more to come. Never stop rockin'!

from: Sarah -
happy birthday robby! you are so're such a charismatic performer and songwriter!
love, sarah

from: Erin Kawecki -
Have a great one, don't do anything I wouldn't do, but if you do, make sure someone has bail money.....Thanks for all the great shows and music....may you always have love and happiness!

from: Becky -
Happy Birthday Robby!!! I wish you nothing but the best on your birthday, have a GOOd one! :D

from: Michele -
I hope you have a great birthday Robby!!! Be good!!